Andrew Ferrill

andrew ferrill san antonio texas 1Andrew Ferrill has been working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Mr. Ferrill is currently working as a Staff Physician Assistant at Senior Psych Care; a role that allows him to manage the healthcare needs of geriatric patients throughout the San Antonio area. Andrew finds his work to be extremely rewarding, and an excellent way to improve on his professional skill set and healthcare treatments. In 2016, Andrew is set to attend Medical School at the University of Oceania, where he will be pursuing a degree in becoming a full-time Physician.

In addition to his excellent training in the medical field, Andrew is also an avid outdoorsman and a fitness advocate. In 1984, Andrew joined the United States Marine Corps, and began training with the Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, a program that collects preliminary information in relation to the topology of a specific area, enemy layouts, and other information that could be used during combat. Andrew’s training took place in infamous places like Parris Island in South Carolina and at Camp Lejeune, NC and Norfolk, VA. This experience taught Mr. Ferrill the importance of hard work, and a deep appreciation for nature and physical fitness.

Introducing fitness to your lifestyle is an important step for people who are looking to lead well rounded lives, and age gracefully. Countless of scientific research conducted in the past decade reference the many health and mental benefits daily exercise can have on people. Whether you are looking to lose weight, or reach new heights of physical endurance, establishing good health is the first stepping stone.  Andrew is a true believer of this notion, and his commitment to fitness has remained a constant in his life.  Since his early days of playing high school and college football, to his current daily workouts, Mr. Ferrill is proud to be in the best shape his life.  Andrew enjoys going for run and bike rides with friends, playing basketball, and pushing his limits by partaking in Crossfit and MMA trainings.
In between his demanding work schedule and personal life, Andrew has made it a priority to travel as much as he can and experience different cultures. So far he has traveled throughout the entire United Sates, Mexican Riviera, Caribbean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.