5 Signs Your Fad Diet is a Failure


Carrot Juice Fad Diet

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So many diets today sell a quick and easy promise to a “new you.” Instead of invigorating your diet with a healthy, whole-balanced array of nutritious foods, fad diets offer low-calorie alternatives that promise results within a few weeks.  These diets restrict your caloric intake to a limited, small-sized portion of a meal, or they’re something along the lines of a “30-day juice challenge”– which tend to weaken the body instead of strengthen it.

These fad diets are deceiving.  They attract consumers to a short-term plan but hardly prove long-term success.  The dieter must develop a meal plan that works with their nutrition requirements.  Plus, buying into diets that promise results exclusively through caloric promises usually feels like an excuse not to exercise.  Any diet without exercise is an unhealthy diet.

Neglecting to balance your diet with a well rounded supply of veggies, fruits, and proteins can leave you feeling exactly the opposite of how your diet is supposed to make you feel – unhealthy, and unhappy.

If you’ve been experimenting with a fad diet, pay attention to these five warning signs.


Gaining Weight Instead of Losing Weight

Fad diets severely limit caloric intake at breakfast, lunchtime, dinner, and even snacks in between.  Calorie restriction can increase hunger and make your metabolism plummet. This drastically increases your hunger and make cravings so extreme at night that you’ll overeat even if you were obedient to the diet throughout the day.


Gastrointestinal Issues

As I mentioned earlier, juice cleanses claim they eliminate artificial substances not meant to be in body, but these promises are rarely attached to research.  Detoxes like the Master Cleanse (water, lemon, and cayenne pepper) cause side-effects such as gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea.  Your body is simply not used to the immediate absence of healthy foods when you start a detox diet.  In reality, the liver already performs as your body’s most efficient detox machine.



If you eat an egg sandwich for breakfast every day, your body will not react to a sudden shift to  kale and lemon water. Fad diets don’t create sustainable solutions for healthy eating; it requires a lot of dedication to just give up your favorite foods.  Not only will your brain crave your habitual food groups, but your body’s cravings will sometimes manifest themselves physically in the form of stomach aches and the desire to binge eat.



Dehydration is another huge problem associated with juice cleanses and detoxes.  If you’re feeling irritable and tired, it may be because your diet has been causing you to severely limit your water intake.  Dehydration is almost inevitable if your cleanse has been causing diarrhea; you’re then losing more fluids than you’re taking in.  Any feelings of major fatigue and constant hunger are warning signs that you may need more water in your life!


Feeling Uncharacteristically Angry & Hungry — “HANGRY”

Hangry is slang for feeling simultaneously hungry and angry.  Taking in too few calories can cause this feeling, which is a warning sign that your eating plan is not working.  Your diet should make you feel healthier and happier, and should also equip you with the energy to exercise.  Avoid any plan that advises less than 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men.


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